Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's been a long time

Hi.. It's been more than a year since my last post.

Hehe I guess when you're busy you won't bother to write, because you have tons of things to do.

I need to re-organize my life and make it more simple, fun, and happy I guess. Problems, Challenges, Issues, whatsoever will not stop coming in until the day that your heart stop beating.

The big question is How to organize a very messy life?

I also got this question when cleaning my room after several times. It takes more effort, more will power to do that.

Argh.. I feel like screaming >,<"

Sorry, I should post a proper posting.. however too many things moving around inside my head like the skull is the playground for that >,<"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Found the missing Aneka

I'm not sure when exactly Aneka, the formerly famous Indonesian cuisine food shifted from S11 to Bugis area. However I found that Aneka had open a new branch in Koufu Toa Payoh.

Hehehe kinda miss the old Ayam klaten taste.. Its been a while since my last visit to Aneka. According to the owner, S11 had been shut down due to they build some Indian restaurant.

Well, I couldn't find any weird cuisine yesterday.
They still had the regular menu plus several variations.

Below are the menus that I can remember:
- Ayam Bakar Klaten
- Ayam Goreng Klaten (believe me this is good)
- Ayam Bakar Rica (Desson's fave)
- Ayam Penyet
- Udang Bakar
- Ikan Bakar

Aneka had something special in terms of food business creativity =)
They often to create a new menu in a special day. i.e. Hari Raya special menu. Kupat Tahu Surabaya. Hehehe too bad.. its too damn spicy.. tounge can't take it any longer...

So, if you're keen to try.. visit them in Toa Payoh Koufu, just above the Toa Payoh MRT station:)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Very Own Foo Yoong Egg

Whoa.. it's been so long since my last post..
Ok.. lets get going...
I will tell you a bit about my 1st cooking experience.

Not like I'm a good chef nor like to cook foods, but last few weeks ago I was eagerly want to eat one of my favourite food which is Foo Yoong Egg and I don't know where to find it in Singapore. What to do, I'm a bachelor and nobody will cook for me T__T. Ok, so I've decided to learn how to cook it from my friend, and try to experiment a little bit. Hehe, wise man said that "When there is a will there will be a way." So, allow me to share the cooking experience with you all.

What is Foo Yoong Egg? Basically its only an egg, much like an omelet, but it has special sauce on it. Some people prefer to put lots of chili on the sauce, and some prefer to put only tomato on the sauce.

Its not a complex food to make, but for me its already require lots of effort to make it, because I never cook before.

According to my friend, the recipe consists of 2 parts, which are the egg and the sauce. The egg is mixed with some ingredients, more or less like an omelet. My version of the egg ingredients is egg, onion, abbage, garlic, pork meat, and carrot.

I started to mix 3 eggs in a bowl, and put diced onion and garlic. As soon as they mixed, I cooked the meat pork, and put the meat to the egg after it turned white (pork meat turns to white when its done right?) After its done, I cut the cabbage, and the carrot, to very small pieces (this part took me for 40 minutes to able to cut them into small pieces >,<"), and put them into the egg. Mixed them really well and put some salt, and pepper in it. Ok, the egg is ready; let's cook them in the pan. Whoaa.. it was not easy to cook the egg, especially to cook the top side of the egg. Who will ever thought that lifting the egg, and making it upside down is a hard thing to do >,<>,<

Total cooking time: 1 hour of beginner like me >,<
Result: 1 plate of Foo Yoong Egg, and a burnt hand.

Perhaps you may want to try it by yourself.. Off course without the burnt hand part ^__^

Friday, July 13, 2007

Found SW (Singapore Warteg)

Finally, after one and half year, I finally found a food centre that sell food like "Warteg".

For those who doesn't know what is "Warteg", "Warteg" is like a cheap food place, that sell a very common Indonesian food, like soup, oyster, "tempe", bean curd. The price also very cheap.

"Warteg" also very popular to reach most people that have tight budget in Indonesia.

You'll easily find these kind of place in Indonesia.. Some of it will suffix with some other fancy name like, "Bahari" or "Sejahtera" or sometimes "Suka Maju".

So you'll find the name quite unique and uneasy to say :D
here are some examples:
"Warteg Bahari"
"Warteg Sejahtera"
"Warteg Suka Maju"

So, is it has the same name in Singapore?
Nope.. definitely no...

Actually its transform from a "Padang" restaurant.
They called their restaurant with "Sambel Balado" Food.

Well the name making me come to them to check what kind of food that they sell.
Thats my reaction...
I saw oyster.. "Sambal Hati", and some other "Warteg" food inside..

ok.. they can able to make the same food, but how about the taste?
Is it the same?

Too bad... although it has the same color, same form.. same look and feel.. but it didn't taste the same..

My tounge will not lie to me..
The taste was ok.. even though not exactly the same like real "warteg" food.

at least its better than have to go to Jakarta to eat "warteg" food.


Ok, now the location.

Toa Payoh Mall,
near Toa Payoh MRT

for more detail... feel free to ask me directly ^^

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Special Post for Ah Ma

"Joseph, do you already drink your milk?"
"Haven't Ah Ma, I don't have milk in the house. Mommy recently never bought milk again for me."
"Here, take this money, and go buy some milk from the nearest market. Please do careful when you cross the street"

"I bought a present for you... This one is a little puppy. This little puppy come far a way from Australia. You can play with it and have fun"
"Thanks Ah Ma ^___^"

Not much sweet memory to remember from my Ah Ma, because I live with my mom and dad, and only visit my Ah Ma and Ah Gong occasionally.
Less but sure more than enough..

People said that once you have been good to other people, you'll be remembered for life.
I think that was exactly why I'm experiencing now.

Ah Ma, a strong woman, yet very powerful, she managed to distribute the happiness quite well. To all her child, even though not all born from her womb.

Ah Ma, a strong woman that can bear her life challenge which isn't easy. Born in China, and migrated with my Ah Gong to Indonesia, and My Ah Gong build everything from scratch in that foreign country.

Perhaps my Ah Gong and Ah Ma followed the Chinese wise word, "More children means Big Wealth in your family".

I think the one that I call success is not that you can have big family like those specified in the Chinese wise word, but you managed to have big family without making them separated, still gathered as one family. Even several of your son is no longer in that foreign country, and migrated to Australia, and one of your child is staying at Germany. The big thing is you and Ah Gong manage to create that opportunity for your child. I'm proud of you two.

Ah Ma....
Even though you no longer can see me anymore
Even though you no longer can hear me
Even though you no longer can give wise word anymore

You will always be remembered

Ah Ma...
Even though the Doctor claims that you can only survive within days..
I think they miss judge you...
They never know that He have special plans for you after these days..

I'm sure now you'll be happier..
Free from all burdens
End of all problems
Because God already take you home

I still remembered last kiss that I give to you on my last visit.
I won't forget that kiss.

Zai Jian Ah Ma
I won't say I love you now,
Not because I don't love you
But it's to late to say it now,
I know that you knew
Even though I didn't say it on my last visit

I won't say I miss you now,
Not because I don't miss you
But it's to late to say it now

I won't say Thank You Ah Ma now,
Not because I'm ungrateful
But it's to late to say it now

if only I could post this message to you now
Through the Heaven's Post Center
I will definitely would say I love you, I miss you, and Thank You Ah Ma

(In Memoriam of my Ah Ma, 11 Apr 2006 4:25 GMT+8)